February 9, 2008 • Poetry & Short Fiction • Views: 920

Vibrant colors of eternal amaranth bleed through,
Invading the solitude of inner umbra.
My darkness, my sorrow, my despair,
Uninvited rainbows filter in.

Light drifts over me: singing, dancing, breathing.
Waxing and waning against my slumberless gray horizon;
Enticing me to join in, to breathe again.

My eyes fuse tightly, I resist, inert to my very core.
I am endless, come undone; I can try no more.

Luminosity valiantly persists.
Eyelids: insufficient armor to shield the orchestra of light;
Emanating from within.

The illumination of my soul surpasses my vapid mind.
Sweet release engulfs the depth of me.
My Spirit Lives.


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