What Would You Do In Their Shoes?

January 11, 2008 • Music, Interviews, & Reviews • Views: 867

Greetings all,
I need a little help. I know things are pretty tight this time of year with the holidays just behind us but this won’t take much time or effort.

There is an organization in North Carolina called GenXY. (www.genxy.org or www.myspace.com/gen_xy) They are a nonprofit organization centered towards providing support to GLBTQ adolescents and youth.

Right now they are organizing a drive to get toiletries for homeless gay youth. The suggested items are:
Male Deodorant
Female Deodorant
Maxi Pads
Travel Wipes

Due to the nature of the living conditions and emotional state of some of these kids it is requested that NO items containing razor blades are included. I realize these items can add up. However, there are non-brand name items available at dollar stores.

Those of you living in Canada may be wondering why I’m looking for donations for a US city and not Toronto. Clearly we have plenty of homeless here in Toronto. However, we are also a very gay positive city. I’m sure it won’t shock anyone to hear that there are not a lot of pro queer support systems in place in conservative North Carolina. We are a global community so I hope the border that separates us from these kids wont be a factor.

For those who do wish to contribute from Toronto, the ship date for the supplies is somewhere in the first week of February so if you could contact me ASAP it will be very appreciated. Also, if you think you know anyone who would like to contribute feel free to pass this on and have them contact me. For those of you in other parts of the world: please check out GenXY and do what you can!


Thanks for listening.


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