Molds Are For Jello

January 31, 2008 • Pondering Life • Views: 924

I’ve been reading and pondering, because reading leads to pondering. Yes, this is going to be wordy as my other alternative is to clean the joint – instead, I write.

I’ve felt a disconnect from my life for quite some time; due in part to Seasonal Affective Disorder and in part to present circumstances. Life is a challenge; at times it seems to be more of a challenge than we can handle. Sometimes we have to scrape the bottom in order to rise up.

I’ve started to re-read “The Art of Dreaming” (Carlos Castaneda). The author is recounting the teachings of the Mexican Yaqui Indian sorcerer don Juan Matus. A sorcerer/shaman is not the typically understood caster of spells and magic; he/she is someone who is in control of their energy and able to use their energy to alter their perceptions in order to experience the multiple layers/worlds of the universe. The practices of managing ones energy in order to perceive other worlds, is called the art of dreaming. Dreaming is not just having dreams, daydreaming, wishing, or imagining. Dreaming is having awareness in our minds.


The Art of Dreaming

If we are able to put aside the SOCIAL part of perception we’ll be able to see the essence of everything, we will perceive things as energy directly. This is important because we are conditioned to live in and see, only, a world of concrete things. This limits us and makes us believe the MOLD into which we fit is all that exists. When we accept that we are living in a mold, we can then break that mold and begin to see differently.

This is all very interesting to me; also so true of my own experience. I’ve been thinking about how breaking the mold of who I was supposed to be, in this concrete world, has allowed me to grow. I really don’t care what most people think about me. Sometimes I fall back into caring, but I catch myself and remember it is irrelevant to my journey; also, I refuse to limit myself to the beliefs that others think should defined who I am.

As long as we give energy to people and continue to worry about what may tarnish our molds, we all continue to limit our perceptions of what we are capable of seeing/being.

Do any of us really want to limit our potential to the perceptions of a mold seen by ourselves and others: this is who/what we are, this is all we will/should ever be, these are the choices that we are supposed to make – this sounds terribly confining to me.

I propose we all break the mold, stop worrying about what other people think, and stop limiting ourselves to the concrete beliefs we have about we are (who we are supposed to be). It really is this simple: just stop it. When we find our energies dropping because we are dwelling in expectations once again, we need to catch ourselves and refuse to continue thinking this way. “I am not a mold” – repeat this in your minds over and over till it sticks. The phrase, “I am not my body,” has taken the edge of my severe panic attacks for years – cognitive thinking absolutely works.

Don Juan talks about the concrete world of objects, and the abstract world and how we are capable of experiencing both worlds simultaneously. He describes the abstract as “The search for freedom, freedom to perceive, without obsessions, all that is humanly possible.” He also said, “This is first a world of energy; then it is a world of objects.” His point is that we have to see our lives as energy (spirit) first or we will be limited to the physicality of a world of objects. This is definitely not the way I want to spend my time on earth.

To quote another great thinker: Dr. Wayne Dyer, “Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing.” Lets rescue all that precious energy from the murky mire of negativity and use it for positive growth. Choose.

That’s what I have to share for now. Until next time, I wish bright energy to all who pass through here!


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