~Technology & The Tumble~

February 1, 2010 • Health & Well Being • Views: 1179

Life has been eventful over the past few weeks. I’m behind by a couple of intended posts due to technical difficulties.

My poor MAC developed power supply issues and has been back with Apple for ten days. In light of the state of the world and with respect to those who have real problems, this boils down to an inconvenience.

My access to the online realm has been sparse and I have yet to finish a post that was a challenge issued to several bloggers, by Jules Torti, a fine writer and defender of jungle animals. I promise to get that one done the moment my electronic baby and I both return to Toronto.

I managed to take care of lots of the banal tasks of life in my time of isolation from the www. I also had a great to-do list to ready myself for a trip home to PEI. I had a belated birthday movie to see with my pal, gifted scholar/musician Sara Kamin. I had tickets to see Jann Arden at Massey Hall. In between there were things like laundry, rent, and other month end things to tend to. It was all timed perfectly.

Well: I’m pretty sure Sara will never attend another movie with me again. Mid way through our IMAX screening of Avatar, I was feeling off. I felt hot and started to sweat. After a few minutes I told sara that I needed air. She left our row, half way up the theatre, I followed. When I reached the stairs I felt disoriented, put my hand against the wall to steady myself and tried to take steps down the stairs. By now, Sara, who thought I was behind her, was out in the lobby. I looked down at my feet and was telling them (in my mind) to move but I couldn’t feel them. The bottom of the stairs looked a mile away. I was burning hot, my heart pounding in my ears, and losing feeling in all limbs.

As my eyes were losing focus I noticed my knees buckle, and one very calm thought went through my head, “I’m not gonna make it down.” Everything went black. The next thing I remember is the face of a stranger asking,” Are you ok?” I understood him but couldn’t answer or move.

Long story short: I blacked out, fell down the flight of stairs and landed on my face. To this day I can’t remember the fall or the landing.

I was carried out to the lobby, where I laid on the floor as I was on the verge of passing out again. Fire rescue came, there was oxygen and lots of questions to determine how coherent I was. Thankfully Sara was there to give all the vital information.

EMS arrived, there was a trip in an ambance and hours of tests at the hospital.Lots of people have since told me IMAX movies have disoriented others. Yet I’ve seen others without incident. I had been feeling off while taking a new medication which has helped others with chronic pain. I went on the drug in October and it hasn’t had a positive effect for me. I was planning to go off it after my trip.

The consensus of professionals is that my blackout/ dizziness was probably a combination of the over stimulation of 3D Avatar and the drug.

I disconuied the drug that day, cold turkey. The effects of withdrawal are with me now. I’m not going to lie, I feel pretty crapie. All of my parts are extra sore and I feel skitzed out. However: I went to see Jann Arden the day after the fall; she and the band were brilliant! I also saw one of my doctors and we came up with a medically safe plan to curb some of the withdrawal symptoms (which were a joy to fly with).I was too sore and tired to go to the laundry matt so I packed a suitcase of dirty clothes which my sister washed upon my arrival in PEI. I have been well fed and pampered, so I have no complaints.

It is embarrasing to faint and do a face plant in front of 800 people, then be carried out, then be put in an ambulance. Nobody wants that sort of attention. But I couldn’t help thinking about how lucky I was to be in a country where an ambulance is on scene in 5-10 minutes and a hospital is equipped to treat me. These are the things we need to remember to be thankful for when it seems like everything is going wrong.

*Note: this was composed & posted on my Blackberry, while feeling the effects of withdrawal: ergo – format is crap, spelling is not accurate, links are not in place. My inner perfectionest may have a panic attack. I’ll fix this mess later- so I feel better about it. Um: Neurotic? TOTALLY 🙂

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8 Responses to ~Technology & The Tumble~

  1. palestar says:

    Pam –

    What a majour year – 2010 must be better for you. Hope this finds you well on the way to healing and so pleased you are being loved in the arms of your family. Such a gift. Pretty nice to have ones laundry done by anyone bit by someone who loves you just feels so good.

    Stay cosy and warm and relax. Be kind to yourself – I am so happy you didn’t break yourself. Enjoy enjoy enjoy. Sending you lots of love and light…Palestar ;=)

  2. Sara says:

    Honey, I would see another movie with you anytime!! 🙂 you just need to be well and enjoy your time in PEI. Love you tons. xo

  3. Kathleen says:

    Sending you healing and loving vibes all the way from the west coast!!! Enjoy your time in PEI!!!!

  4. Cecile (@BetsBooth) says:

    There is nothing like the loving care of family & friends. Take care, Pamela.

  5. linda woods says:

    You have mad skills! You are great at typing a lot on a blackberry after falling on your noggin!

    LOVE YA!
    I hope you’re feeling better. The sisterhood enjoys you. And by sisterhood, I mean me and Karen 🙂

  6. vixterl says:

    I’m just happy to hear you’re okay!

    Enjoy home.

  7. Connie McDermot says:

    It was great to see you Pam before the show. What are the odds of that? I had just wondered a bit earlier if I would see you. I am sorry that you were not feeling quite up to scratch though. I too felt dizzy during Avatar and took my glasses off. I hope you get feeling better soon. I would have liked to talk with you longer ; after I left I thought of all the things I had wanted to ask you. Wasn’t that a fantastic show? I had never seen Jann before in concert. I love the fact that she put so many songs from the new album because I love that CD. Take care Pam, Connie.

  8. Molly says:

    It sounds like you are having a rough time 🙁
    ((((((((((((( hugs )))))))))))

    Take care of yourself and enjoy PEI – you deserve to be pampered!
    I’ll be thinking of you.

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