“Meeting In The Ladies Room” & ART: Holiday Giveaway!

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Every year my mom asks me what I want for Christmas. When I was working a “regular” job and had a very healthy, steady income, I always said, “Nothing. I have everything I need.” Then she would send me stuff anyway. Since my body decided to stop working properly and I’ve been relying on freelance jobs, and, well… I’m going to be honest: Mom asked what I wanted this year; I said, “Nothing.” She said, “Then what do you need?” So I gave it some thought and said, “I’d love some new flannel jamma pants and maybe a couple of pairs of socks.” I’m sure I’ll be pleased when my present arrives in British Columbia, all the way from Prince Edward Island.

I’ve always been a better gift-giver than receiver. I love picking/making JUST the right thing for my loved ones. I will gladly accept my new jamma pants & socks, however, in order to balance the universe, I have to GIVE some stuff away to feel right about receiving. I’m grateful for everyone that takes the time to read my posts and support the fine people I feature here! With that in mind, and thinking about the upcoming holidays, I’m giving some stuff away to say “THANK YOU!”

There are three prizes up for grabs. To be entered for a chance to win, you just have to leave a COMMENT below and tell us what you really want for Christmas/ Hanukkah/ Chinese New Year… or whatever holiday YOU celebrate! All faiths are welcome.

A copy of the 2nd edition of: “Meeting In The Ladies Room,” signed by all three authors: Linda Woods, Karen Dinino & Me! (Rare, as we don’t have the opportunity to be in the same country very often) Buy Hard Copy Here! or Now available on Kindle!


“THE PROMISE” Signed 8X8 Art Print (an unframed print of one of my original paintings)


Third PRIZE:
A package of Holiday Cards (5 cards, handmade by me and featuring my furry babies)

Cards, Original Art, & Prints are available in my Etsy Shop

Thanks y’all and GOOD LUCK!


Contest closes November 30th in all time zones.

FIRST PRIZE: Cheryl/CD ~ Ladies Room Book
SECOND PRIZE: Michelle Mantel ~ The Promise, Art Print
THIRD PRIZE: Jeremy ~ Holiday Cards

Thanks to ALL who participated… more stuff coming up… stay tuned!

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18 Responses to “Meeting In The Ladies Room” & ART: Holiday Giveaway!

  1. Lisa says:

    What a lovely contest Pam, awesome!

    I too feel like I have everything I want/need; but having said that, what I’d really love for Christmas this year would probably be a pair or two of some new pants for work, not very exciting I know, but I really don’t know how it is that I seem to wear out the crotch all the time, LOL! Hope that wasn’t TMI, other than that, I already gave myself my new Ipod Touch for “Christmas” on my recent Florida trip, music would be a totally fab gift! 🙂

  2. cjaxon says:

    Most of the things I want aren’t things, but if I had to choose an actual “thing” I would love a new lens or two for my camera. I really just want TIME to be creative.

  3. Jen says:

    Every Christmas, I just want to spend quality time with friends and family, enjoy good food and create memories! Christmas has become way too commercialized and I hate the pressure of getting gifts for everyone (except for the kids!)

  4. Jeremy says:

    I always get my fiance a Christmas gift that we can enjoy together, usually a spa certificate or restaurant gift card. It gives us time to spend together and treat ourselves!

  5. Michelle says:

    Pamela, what a wonderful thing you are doing. I am a better giver than receiver of gifts as well. All I have asked for this Christmas is that we can all be together, share many laughs and kindness to eachother and the rest of the world. There isn’t anything I really NEED and time spent together is more fulfilling than a trinket.
    Merry Christmas! May all your DREAMS come true!

  6. TheOnlyMoe says:

    You are too sweet to do this Pam 🙂 I want for nothing but would love to find a good pair of walking shoes; the exact same ones I have now that are worn would be perfect!

  7. Glamma says:

    You know, I’m going to be sappy here and say that I want my two best friends on the same coast, and to share the holiday love and light with them. Guess I got my wish early 🙂 Love you! XoG.

  8. Loony says:

    YAY for holidays and prizes!
    my first wish… SNOW..lots of snow so we can spend the holidays playing and zooming around (I miss my skidoo!)
    my dream wish for the holidays… a new lense for the cam… with a zoom factor!
    My wish for you… that you have a fantastic holiday season! xo

  9. SUE says:

    I have ONE WISH>>> Enough $$$ to cover MY incredibly high health insurance policy>>>MY pre-existing condition is killing me, not physically (THANK GOD) but emotionally, just worrying how I can afford to keep paying my $1200/month payments. I think here in AMERICA YOU have to be RICH to have DIABETES:-)))

    Well, that is it, DEAR GOD “PLEASE hear my cries”…………………

  10. CD/Cheryl says:

    Christmas list for me is simple…good health…most days, happiness…in the best of times and love…for family, friends and the world. I do this list everyday, hoping that is lasts…for awhile. ; ) Love your blogs Pam! Have a funtastic holiday with you and your, sending lots of LOVE : )

  11. Knickolle Pitcher says:

    For Christmas this year I would like people to take responsibility for the things that they do that, whether intentional or not, hurt other beings.

    My neighbors have a sweet little Westie Terrier named Maggie. She is lovely and brings much joy to many lives. Unfortunately for Maggie, this past Thursday while her owner put out the garbage another neighbors German Sheppard attacked her and has done great damage to her. This afternoon she had her second operation because she is just not healing. Her owners are devastated and although the vet and they spoke to animal control…nothing can be done because Maggies owner saw the animal exit his property but not commit the damage.

    The Sheppards owners are denying he was out and did the damage, and to add insult to injury they insinuated it was actually the work of a Border Collie on the street who as well has never been threatening and whose owners are responsible.

    If I had called animal control on the occasions in which this animal threatened us there would be a record of the animals’ aggression and of the owners’ irresponsilbility. Because I didn’t…they get off without any burden to them what so ever. I have apologized for the fact I should have done something when I had the chance. I will go to small claims court as a witness if that is necessary or write a letter (whichever they choose).

    On second thought…could everyone in thier own way, whether it is to pray, or to wish, or to send loving thoughts or energy…think of Maggie and try to keep her well. That is all I want for Christmas.

    P.S. Pam you know I wish you wellness, love and happiness and I don’t want a prize for this comment…I just want Maggie well. Please think of her everyone.

  12. Susan says:

    wishing you all the best… and to be happy

  13. Marg Gallant says:

    All I want for Christmas is peace.

  14. Doug A says:

    I want a Harley Davidson, Low Rider.

  15. Janet says:

    All I want is for my mom to be well, and for us to share at least one more Christmas together. Happy Holidays Pam, I love that you are loving your new life.

  16. The Holidays truly are a time for contemplating what we give to and receive from the world. I have received so many gifts from the universe this year…and during the holidays, I will be making a humble attempt to pay it forward by volunteering at “The Next Door” in Nashville…knowing that I am making a difference to women who are in the same struggles right now that I was fighting to overcome just a few short years ago is the biggest gift that I can give myself this year. Oh yeah, an iPad wouldn’t suck either 😉

  17. Tori says:

    Well, what DO I want for Christmas? It would be irrational to wish for things that rely on the universe complete co-operation to receive, but that is what I want. I want to be happy and be filled with it, because I’m tired of feeling empty everytime I open my eyes. If only… Until then, I’ll take a pair of fuzzy dice for my rear-view mirror!

  18. Melissa Vaughn says:

    This past year… well the past 2-3 months, I have gotten back into my jewelry making. I love laying out a new design, taking the time to piece it together perfectly.
    This year for Christmas I want to expand my ‘tool’ collection. I have so many ideas floating around in my head, I would love to make them come alive. I just don’t currently have the tools needed. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!!

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