Let’s Hear It For New York!

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New York City is known as one of the greatest Cities in the world. I have to agree with this sentiment! I’ve just completed some new pieces of art inspired by my 2007 trip to the big apple.

New York is known for it’s sparkle, for Radio City Music Hall, for the Apollo Theatre, for museum row, Broadway, Central Park, and the list goes on and on…

FreedomOne of the things that inspires me most about NYC is the amount of “Heart” she has. Two of the greatest events in human equality were born on her soil. I had studied their history, but it was powerful to stand where the downtrodden stood: where they began their journeys/fights toward FREEDOM and LIBERTY.

Just beyond Lady Liberty lies Castle Clinton (in Lower Manhattan’s Battery Park). Built in 1812, the castle was built to keep the Brits out during the War of 1812. Over the years the castle gates became a welcoming place (From 1855 – 1890 it became a processing facility for landed immigrants). Many passed through these gates after a long journey over water in search of new life.

Sculptor Luis Sanguino celebrated ethnic diversity with his bronze sculpture, “The Immigrants.” The figures represent some of the different groups who struggled to build new lives in a new world: A freed African slave, a European Jew, a priest, and a laborer.

HOPE FOR FREEDOM, is a mixed media piece utilizing, a 6”X12” canvas, a paper image of The Statue of Liberty, acrylic paint, photos I shot of Lady Liberty and “The Immigrants” statue, during my visit.

LibertyThough we are well into a new century the fight for equality is not over. The modern day gay liberation movement was born in 1969 at The Stonewall Inn (Greenwhich Village, N.Y.). Stonewall was a small nightclub where the LGBT community gathered, it became the site of raids and riots. After enduring regular police brutality a small group of New York City gays rose up against the ill treatment. Night after night the crowd sizes grew as did police riot squads. The people would not back down and began marching through Christopher Street (Their number: more than 1000). Hence: the Pride parade was born.

In 1979, sculptor George Segal created four pieces to commemorate the Stonewall Rebellion. The statues are located in Christopher Park, adjacent to The Stonewall Inn.
Four life-sized people were cast in bronze and then painted white. The figures are two men and two women: Same sex companions, openly tender companions, in a public place. Which should be the right of every human being. Forty-one-years later, we’ve made progress, but even the “Land of the Free,” has miles to go. God bless New York City folk for being leaps and bounds ahead of their time!
LIBERTY is a mixed media piece utilizing a 6”X12” canvas, acrylic paint, and photos I shot in Christopher Park, and at the Stonewall Inn.


Originals and prints are available in my shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/pameladetlor

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6 Responses to Let’s Hear It For New York!

  1. Jennifer D says:

    These are my favourite pieces of yours, Pam!

  2. I love the New York art and I love all that it represents to you. I have never been to NYC but hope one day I’ll get there.

  3. Thanks ladies! It is a great city and I loved my brief time there. It is a place everyone should experience in life, if possible.

  4. Thanks Linda!!! I took some risks and followed some of the mixed media advise I got from you. Trixie introduced me to that machine, you introduced her to. The one that makes images into stickers. WOW! Very helpful with adhering the photos!

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