C-Dub’s BBQ Rub ~ Giveaway!

June 6, 2011 • Contests, Shopping • Views: 2143

Move over Starbucks, there’s some NEW flavor in town!

C-Dub’s BBQ Rub is part Canadian, part American, and 100% TASTY! A former Army man, haling from North Carolina, and a transplanted Vancouver gal, who met up in Seattle, Washington, founded this mom & pop operation. Charles and Allegra Wilson have put their time and energy into creating a quality product at an affordable price.

C-Dub’s VooDoo Rub was the official rub of “The Orleans” Hotel & Casino, 2011 USA BARBCUE CHAMPIONSHIP, held in Las Vegas, Naveda in May. From there the crew headed to Langley, B.C. for another BBQ weekend where they sold out all of their original rub and most of the VooDoo. I went, I sampled (again) and I bought!

I’ve used C-Dub’s Rub (Original & VooDoo) for six-months and I love them… I love them on eggs, popcorn, ribs, chicken, steak, and burgers. I’m sure I will love this rub on more things, once I’ve tried. The word is: this seasoning also brings fish to, “a whole new level,” and can also be used in sauces, baked beans, or anything you want to try it on.

The very BEST thing about C-Dub’s, other than the fantastic taste: IT IS ALL NATURAL! There is no MSG, it’s GLUTEN FREE, and there are no preservatives OR anti-caking agents (Which are poisonous, yet, used by other seasonings in, “acceptable levels.”) It’s time for your meals to “GET NAKED!”

In honor of BBQ Season, The Thought Vox & C-Dub’s are giving away a Rub Combo Pack. One lucky winner will receive both flavors of C-Dub. To be entered, leave a comment below… Tell us your favourite thing to barbecue! Contest closes June 10th, 2011 @ midnight, Pacific time.

C-Dub’s ships and can be ordered online from their official website: http://www.cdubsrub.com/

To keep up with all of C-Dub’s news:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cdubsrub?ref=ts
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/CDubsBBQRub

THE WINNER IS… CJAXON! Congrats! Thanks to ALL who commented! Check out CDubs!

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16 Responses to C-Dub’s BBQ Rub ~ Giveaway!

  1. Bill Tennant says:

    I gotta say that the VooDoo Rub will convert any vegetarian into a ribs-atarian. And its not too spicy that the dog won’t stop begging at the table.

  2. Allegra (Alli)Klett Wilson says:

    Thank you so much Pam for mentioning us! We are so glad you like our product and are honored to be featured! Your blog looks awesome!!! Very talented! : )

  3. mia says:

    Chicken!! Nothing beats bbq’d chicken:)

  4. Lon says:

    Thank you for you service! From a proud Army dad of two sons

  5. E.J, says:

    Man I am going to have to try some of that C-Dub

  6. Bob Shields says:

    Well I BBQ and smoke alot of differant food. I would have to say that Pork butt would go great with your rub along with some veg. Sure would luv to try some, thanks for the chance.

  7. Biggi Francis says:

    I bet that C-Dub’s BBQ Voodoo Rub would be great on Chicken…….time to “Get Naked”!!!!!!!!

  8. Neil B says:

    Beef ribs! Nothin’ better.

  9. Darrin Vasseur says:

    Would love to try some of this on some brisket..

  10. Doug Francis says:

    I haven’t had the chance to try C-Dub’s rubs yet, but if the rubs are even half as good as the folks at C-Dubs are nice, they must be spectacular!!!

  11. Frances Stier says:

    I tried the one nighter on steak, voodoo on chicken and hot wang on brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes, pasta salad, steak and of course ribs! I would recommend C-Dubs BBQ Rub to anyone. It is very yummers! LET’S GET NAKED! 😉

  12. The Weekly Breeze says:

    We really love C-Dub’s Rub. We use it a couple of times a week.

  13. Beatrice says:

    Haven’t tried the stuff yet, but considering one of the creators is an old friend, I probably should!!

  14. cjaxon says:

    I stick to the good ol’ chicken when I barbecue, but I might need to get adventurous with some Voodoo!

  15. Mike Thurston says:

    C-Dub’s VooDoo rub will rock your Que. I love it on pork butts and chicken as well. Take your BBQ to a new level of taste…gotta try ya some.

  16. Lori B says:

    STEAK! My son in-law noticed the very first time we cooked steaks with the rub. The comment was something along the lines of – What did you do different with this steak, it is amazing. Good Stuff!

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