~ The Recycled Greenhouse ~

June 9, 2011 • Building Projects • Views: 1405

An Eco Friendly Project for Friends!

My friends Kat & Bill generously gave me, Beanie & Binky (Cats) a place to live, eight months ago. In return, I pitch in around the house, wherever I can (and I eat their food). Bill had been stockpiling “Stuff,” for several months. Kat, the person who deals with the majority if tidying, expressed concern over the growing pile of “Stuff.”
“What is all that crap?”
“I’m going to build a greenhouse in the spring,” Bill said.
“Umm-hmm,” Kat replied (every time the conversation arose).

As spring approached, I was feeling optimistic from the extended hours of sunshine. I said to Bill, “We should get started on that greenhouse.” He agreed. Over the next few weekends we set out building our, mostly recycled, project.

Many years ago I designed/drafted houses, and Bill, an electrician working in film and T.V, also has construction experience. Ergo: we didn’t require a plan. We made it up as we went along. For the most part, the 8’ X 12’ structure is squared up proper! One corner is about 2” out, but all in all… she’s sturdy, has a door, and adjustable flaps for ventilation.

Most of the materials used are RECYCLED! This pleases me greatly, as I do my best to LIVE GREEN. The reused screws once held together sets from the movie, “TWILIGHT.” The corrugated plastic and plexiglass was rescued from many trips to a dumpster. The door came from Craig’s List, for a meager $20. The desk is a very used, homemade, headed for the dump, piece. All of the shelving is made from scrap wood. Aside from the used door, only the framing and roof panels were purchased new.

I love to grow my own food and so does Bill. Kat, well, as long as she doesn’t have to take care of things in the greenhouse (on top of everything else), she’s happy to use the food. With the help of their kids, we also planted lettuce, a variety of beans, pumpkins, squash, radish, and herbs, in designated areas of the yard. If the crows and bears don’t eat everything, we’ll be all set for fall.

The Building Process:

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3 Responses to ~ The Recycled Greenhouse ~

  1. Nicely done!! Thanks for growing stuff that I don’t have to take care of. I have about all I can handle taking care of as stands!

  2. Allegra (Alli) says:

    Awesome! Maybe you can come here for a weekened eat some BBQ and help us reclaim our backyard before the neighbors call HOA! LOL! Sorry Beanie and Binky would have to stay in Canada! Onyx might not approve!

  3. Marilyn Anderson (BabySnooks) says:

    Loved your video, Pam. Have only one suggestion: at the close of the video, you should have written “the beginning” instead of “the end.” xo

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