Two Cups and a String

August 30, 2011 • Shopping • Views: 1387

Dearest Bell Canada,

Once again I am disappointed in your customer service department. For a change, the associates I dealt with were all very helpful and polite. The issue: Your system is rife with technical systems that, APPARENTLY, can’t be easily fixed when one (or more) of YOUR associates makes a mistake. The end result is always the same: the customer pays out of pocket and endures all the inconvenience!

I moved from Toronto, Ontario a little over a year ago. A few months before leaving I canceled my Satellite T.V., and Internet, keeping my Cell Phone ONLY. At that time (July 2010) I asked that my “ONE BILL” be changed BACK to Bell Mobility ONLY, as I no longer had bundled services. The additional services were removed, however, the monthly bill was STILL under “ONE BILL.”

When I relocated to British Columbia in September 2010, I visited a BELL WORLD store to get a B.C. Phone number. At that time I requested AGAIN, that my bell account “type” be change from “One Bill” to a regular Bell Mobility Account. This APPARENTLY did not happen.

It is August 2011 and I have relocated to Prince Edward Island. I have been trying to get a local PEI phone number for 5 days. I’ve visited a “Bell Allaint” dealer, (there are NO BELL WORLD stores in P.E.I.); I could not have my number or address changed in the store system, we thought because my address was still British Columbia. I returned home and changed my address via I returned to the store, hoping a PEI address would fix the issue. It did not. I returned home and spent another 2.5 hours on the phone on hold and getting the run-around. I was finally told that my number could NOT be changed until I “Applied to un-register with “One Bill” and returned to a regular Bell Mobility account.” Stop me when this sounds familiar: I had only requested this VERY THING 13 months ago! And I requested it again 12 months ago. I guess I was naive to think that Bell “Customer Service” ACTUALLY did what they said they would.

On August 29th, 2011 I told the technician, “great, shift my account from a “One Bill” to a regular Mobility account so I can get a local cell number.” The lovely young man on the line went away and then came back 20 minutes later, “Ok a request for change has been filed and that will take about a month or two.” PARDON!!!!!????????? After more conversation, I was told the only option to get around it would be to go BACK to the store and ask the employee to call their “Bell Direct Line of Support,” and have them change it directly.

I returned to the store for the 3rd time. After another 2.5 hours of phone calls and three different Bell divisions, we were told I’m pretty well screwed, as there is NO WAY to internally fast track the change, even though it was BELL’s mistake.

NOW: I get to pay a $72.00 bill for my regular monthly services, including my long distance and local call options… AND I get to be charged LONG DISTANCE & ROAMING on EVERY call I MAKE… for a month (or more)… even if the person lives next door to me… because… I will be stuck with a British Columbia phone number while I wait for Bell to fix its mess.

It seems that, with all of Bells technical genius, there is NOT one staff member who can go into my account and change the billing type (or my phone number) when between billing cycles. I guess you are only able to slip through the magical portals of “account changes” when the moon is full or 12 times per year? Although… if I wanted to add new, COSTLY, features to my account… that can be done at any time AS: the “Costly Feature” portal always remains open.

If memory serves me correct: when the stars and planets align and your staff can access my billing and change my account type… I will be rewarded with a $20.00 charge for the “Service” of changing my number.

So why don’t I go elsewhere and stop using Bell? Sadly… your Suck Factor is a little better than the other utilities out there. And Rogers cell coverage sucks arse in the Maritime Provinces. Still, I’m pretty sure that I would have better service with two cups and a string.

Warmest Regards,

Pamela Detlor

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