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The latest musical offering from Jeffery Straker is NOW available, and it is FANTASTIC!

Vagabond is a collection of well-crafted songs inspired by movement/transition. The subject matter encompasses the movement of life, emotions, and change. With each new album, Jeffery’s vocals, musicality, and lyrics continue to soar to new heights. He has a gift that keeps expanding. His words have the ability to brighten smiles or pull emotion straight from our souls. Beyond his musical talents, he is one of the finest people I have ever had the pleasure of calling, “friend.”

If you’re not familiar with Jeffery yet, here’s a little background information: His love of piano began when he was 6 years old. In addition to piano lessons, Jeffery played by ear, and made things up as he went along. At age 19, Jeffery earned a degree in piano performance from England’s Trinity College of Music (He also holds a degree in plant biology/biochemistry). While studying at the University of Regina’s conservatory of music, he worked with Frank Crumly, who was taught by Thomas Manshardt, who was taught by Howard Wells, who was a student of Leschetizky, who was taught by Czerny, who was taught by Beethoven. A similar line: via Manshardt connects Jeffery to Chopin. Not too shabby a lineup to be part of!

He began writing music in a serious manner 9 years ago. The originality of his songs can be attributed to the traditional, classical, and pop influences that have shaped Jeffery’s style. Jeffery has been recognized for his talent by numerous industry organizations. In 2008 he was nominated for the Toronto Independent Music Awards – best pop album. In 2009 Jeffery was a finalist for Radiostar National Songwriting Competition, a top 20 finalist in the global Unisong Competition, and made top 10 in the prestigious US Mountain Stage newsong contest. He is a favorite on CBC Radio (who have aired live broadcasts of his concerts). His independently produced video “Hypnotized” climbed to the Much More Music Top 10 (#6). He’s has done a collaborative tour with the Regina Symphony Orchestra, has and opened for Mel C. In September 2010 he was short-listed for the Sask. Lieutenant Governor’s Arts Award. Jeffery has performed in Ireland, China, New York City, and Panama. He traveled to Ghana, Africa in Feb 2012 and performed 6 shows, conducting songwriting workshops with local musicians and school students. On average Jeffery performs 100 shows per year.

Danny Michel, produced seven tracks on “Vagabond,” while Straker produced “Cathode Rays” and “Rosetta Stone.” Together they’ve created a pleasing blend of folk and pop with a modern feel.

The opening track, “Birchbark Canoe,” is a beautiful piano and harmonica driven song about the loss of love, and the “what ifs” that might save it. I absolutely LOVE this song! (Harmonica on Birchbark Canoe recorded by Fred Penner)

“Rosetta Stone” Like the Egyptian stone tablet found in 1799, which deciphered hieroglyphics, this song is about our souls own stone, that will lead us on all paths of life if we reach deep down and listen.

“Burn the Boats” is a folk/pop ballad about endings, what we take from them and where they may lead.

“Botanic Gardens” has a pop rock feel reminiscent of Elton John, with a hint of The Beatles, “Sargent Pepper.” This one is about a rendezvous.

“Sans Souci” is a high-energy pop/rock tune about one of those people who gets under our skin and they’re all we can think about… and leave us wanting more.

“Raven” has the moodiest melody on the album. The notes build upon each other pulling us into a gentle rhythm. This one is about looking for guidance.

“Cathode Rays” This piano ballad, with a graceful string arrangement, is about a beautiful love. There’s nothing quite like being in love.

“Myopia” is about the lack of foresight in a relationship; where the end of the relationship surprises one person, in the couple. It has an upbeat pop/piano vibe. It’s a very radio friendly track.

“Foolish (twitter love lament)” A short and silky little outro, it’s 40 seconds as opposed to 140 characters.

The Vagabond Tour kicks off in Regina on Oct 17th and continues throughout December. At this point the dates are located from Ottawa to Vancouver, but hopefully Jeffery will make his way to Eastern Canada, soon!

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Photos by Ryan Faubert

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  1. Andrea Stewart says:

    Another in a series of wonderful CDs featuring the writing, piano playing, voice and talent of Jeffery Straker. Each CD is new but recognisable as Jeff’s own unique work. Enjoyable music, but even more enjoyable as storytelling as we see deeper into Jeff’s unique world. Congratulations Jeff, on another enjoyable adventure.

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