Thirty-Five Salisbury Lane ~ Trevor Campbell

December 10, 2012 • Art & Books • Views: 1962

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

“Quirky, perverse, bizarre and lovely”
-FAB Magazine

“Electrifyingly creative”
-The Grid

Have you ever lived in an apartment complex, passing people in the halls, yet not knowing any of them personally? Perhaps, having no desire to know them at all. Well, in this quirky, original, directory of eccentricity, designer/author, Trevor Campbell, has documented a community of people with little in common, other than being tenants of the same address: “Thirty.Five Salisbury Lane.”

“We often find ourselves in situations where we want to join in but convince ourselves we’re too different,” he says. “In this book, I wanted to share a simple message: anywhere you are, you belong: as long as you’re being yourself. Even if you’re a nuclear war-obsessed, driving instructor. No, scratch that. Especially if you’re a nuclear war-obsessed driving instructor.” Trevor Campbell

Anyone who has ever felt different, odd man out, or just plain weird, can relate to the misfits residing in these pages. Following the death of the building’s oldest resident, one tenant decides to interview the remaining 33 residents, creating a directory of their urban “family.” “Thirty-five Salisbury Lane,” is an introduction to an anti-community that, whether by fluke or fate connects people; which is pretty well how reality is also shaped: “It takes a village…” So the saying goes.

There’s Gus, the grocery clerk, 6 year-old pageant contestant, an ex-television personality, twin 73 year-old cabaret performers, an international student, a woman living under house arrest, and a plethora of other characters including a T.V. addicted 643 year-old ghost.

From “Anton” (go-go dancer) “Most likely to work it,” to Meredith (professional driving instructor) “Most likely to rationalize cannibalism,” I was thoroughly amused, I laughed from the beginning through to the end of this humorous little gem!

The works of Amy Sedaris, Armistead Maupin and Miranda July have inspired Trevor’s writing. As has his growing up feeling like an oddball only to discover, as an adult, that “fitting in” is over-rated.

Trevor is a graduate of Sheridan College’s musical theatre program. He’s toured with national productions through Canada and US. His creative endeavors moved to the world of design. He was the graphic designer for Canadian Stage in 2010, and has also worked in the mediums of video and photography and music, producing his own well received independent recordings. Trevor is a quadruple threat. It is a joy to experience his work in all genres.

Thirty Five Salisbury Lane – Released: November 25, 2012
For more information or interview requests, please contact: trevor Campbell at 416.629.18700 or
Available for purchase online at and at Glad day bookstore, in Toronto, Canada.

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