Onward to 2013!

December 31, 2012 • Pondering Life • Views: 1257

As we bid fair the well to 2012 it is only natural to look back on what was, and look forward toward a new year with hope and optimism.

Globally, 2012 saw heartache and the unimaginable carried out over and over by this flawed race we call “human.” Wars continued to rage over people dying to be free and those tyrants who live for power and control. Nature raged, claming lives and homes. Innocent lives were slaughtered, bringing terror to those of us not directly involved, via our T.V screens. I found myself having to turn-off and tune-out more often. 2012 brought allot of personal pain to several of those dearest to me: divorce, disease, and serious injury from an accident were prevalent. Much of this past year has been spent being there and pulling together for each other. What a blessing it is to have loved ones near, people you can count on to the end of the world and back. The strength I’ve witnessed in these women only makes me love them more.

My decision to move back to P.E.I. was not the easiest one I’ve made, but it was one of the best. With each new life-changing event I had further affirmation that this is exactly where I was supposed to be. Though the road is not clear for my dear ones, they are all moving towards better days. For this I am thankful beyond words.

I traveled to Toronto to testify in a court case involving my former landlord, a lovely elderly gentleman, and a woman who was supposed to be his caretaker. It is my personal opinion that she’s a dangerous individual, who displayed nothing but ill intent towards my landlord. (The details are too lengthy to go into at the moment, perhaps someday.) The verdict we were waiting for was handed down in Superior Court, on winter solstice: Our side won on all counts! This was my Christmas Miracle. I can’t explain my elation. My soul was dancing and continues to dance! Sometimes the truth wins and the good guys come out on top. When this happens – it sure feels good!

The damage we humans are capable of is staggering. The way we treat one-another, at times: heartbreaking. Yet, there is also a great capacity for good in the hearts and souls of people. It is that light that moves us forward as a population. It is that kindness that I do my best to focus on. Sometimes I fall short. Sometimes the haters get me down. I keep reminding myself that inviting better: brings better.

2012 was not an easy year. The years are seldom easy. However, it did have lots of little moments: The small beauties that add up to brilliance. There were laughs with friends and family, treatments to fight for wellness, a new job when one was needed, music to enjoy, good food, a warm home, great books, art, and nature surrounding me. Watching the delight of babies and animals, when they play, teaches me allot about what to hold on to and what to leave behind.

Onward to 2013… to endless new possibilities! I’m welcoming health and happiness. I’m visualizing good health and new starts for my loved ones and the best for earth and her inhabitants. If we all did our best to be kind and practice peace, what a blinding light we would create to flush out the darkness in our lives.

Happy New Year to all!


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2 Responses to Onward to 2013!

  1. Kathleen Tennant says:

    Beautiful post Pam! Much love! xo

  2. Becc says:

    Sorry to hear 2012 wasn’t an easy one Pam. Best wishes for a good big turnaround in 2013.

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