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Jennifer Paige topped the charts with her smash hit “CRUSH.” Now, she and Coury Palermo have joined forces to deliver a fantastic project: Paige & Palermo! Their EP “Stay” is now available on itunes!

44447_287578971376366_555055757_nPaige and Palermo’s combined accomplishments include a #1 global hit “Crush”, #1 in 13 Countries around the world. Being nominated for “Best New International Artist” at the World Music Awards. Music in major motion pictures include: Smart People, Happy Holidays, Grace Is Gone, The Cutting Edge 3, The Country Bears, Simply Irresistible, Inspector Gadget, Autumn in New York etc. Their songs have been featured on hit television series such as: Journeyman, Las Vegas, Laguna Beach, Good Morning America, The Oprah Winfrey Show, MTV’s The Hills, America’s Next Top Model, Access Hollywood, Fashion Police, VHI Maxim Hot 100, Whose Wedding Is It Anyway etc. National advertising campaigns that include: Sherwin-Williams, Dodge, Nissan, Bank of America, Barbie, Jack in the Box, Delta, Mattel, Milk, Macy’s, Target, With a Performance at the 7th Annual Vatican Christmas Concert for Pope John Paul II as well as Multiple LIVE and live television appearances.

The pair came together under tragic circumstance. Coury Palermo sang at the funeral of Jennifer’s father in January, 2008. Just weeks prior to that Jennifer Paige’s mother also passed away.

“Coury was a friend of my brother, and he was inspired to write a song for him after hearing the news”, says Paige. “A few weeks later, my brother gave me the demo to his song; and, over the next months while listening to my ipod on shuffle, “Not Enough” would come on and catch me completely off guard. Before I knew it, I’d be crying like a baby. I’ve always believed music to be a truly healing force, and that’s exactly what that song was for me. That was my serendipitous introduction to Coury.” ~ Jennifer Paige

PandP01Both artists continued to produce and tour worldwide with their solo endevours until late 2009 when their paths crossed again in Nashville. The pair became friends and began writing for Jennifer’s new record when they decided to form a duo. When asked why two successful solo performers would form a duo, Coury responded:

“Jen and I both want to create music that communicates honestly about the ups & downs of every day life – the good, bad and the uncomfortable. We are challenging ourselves to experiment beyond any preconceived box we’ve found ourselves in musically, and we’re loving the freedom that it brings.”

The sound is fresh; their voices compliment each other perfectly. I LOVE this record front to back! Check them out and SUPPORT INDEPENDENT MUSIC!

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Special thanks to Pat O’Connor of POC Media, for sending this gem my way!

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  1. Rob says:

    Jennifer, I just wanted to say you are still as stunningly beautiful as you were when you released Crush and your voice is still awesome. Love what I’ve heard from the new album. You and Coury are a great match.

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