Pallet Step ~ Backyard Project

June 19, 2013 • Building Projects • Views: 1273

Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Recycle!

I love a bargain. I also love to live as “green” as possible. My mom was in need of a new step to reach her clothes line.
I never liked the old one she had made. It had rotted to the point it was long past being safe. I took the opportunity to go dumpster diving and nab some wooden pallets… then I got to work creating a new and safe step for my mom.

She loves it and I love that! I also love that it cost me under $40.00 to complete. Have a look at the following short video. Perhaps you will be inspired to do some recycling of your own!

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One Response to Pallet Step ~ Backyard Project

  1. Mary Louise LaBerge says:

    Very clever. If you lived back here, I would definitely ask you to make me one!

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