Reverse Glass Painting ~ Christmas Tree

November 17, 2013 • Art & Books • Views: 1315

Reverse Glass Painting

It’s well known among my friends that I love to make projects from recycled material. My friend Paul donated some old storm windows to me. I want to make a greenhouse with some of them. With others, I decided to try some reverse glass painting.

This was a tricky painting as I had to think in reverse. I had to work from foreground to background. Normally I start with a complete background and build layers to the front and finish with highlights. In this case, I had to start with the highlights and the objects in the foreground. Then I layered the objects in reverse order and finished by painting the background over all of the open glass remaining.

The following slideshow illustrates the basic steps taken to achieve the look I was after: I wanted the painting to appear as if you are looking out the window and seeing a colourful landscape.

I hope you enjoy!

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