Be Grateful, Not Entitled

January 23, 2014 • Health & Well Being, Pondering Life • Views: 1986

There is much to be gained from being grateful for what we have as opposed to feeling entitled to it.

We all have wants and needs. At times it’s a struggle to pay the bills. Always playing catch-up and feeling like we’re never getting ahead is draining. It’s easy to look at others who do little and have lots. Those who ride the system, cheat the system, break the law, or the plethora of “reality stars,” that are famous for being famous.

its-all-about-me-1It’s easy to look at others and think, “Where’s my piece of the pie?” “Where’s my free ride?” It is easy to feel ENTITLED. I see allot of entitlement all around, especially with the present teen generation. “You had me, it’s your job to get me stuff that I deserve!” I also see it in grown-ups. I’m no saint. There have been times that I’ve watched “fifty-percent-ers” get further ahead and I’ve thought, “WHERE’S MY SHARE?” This thinking got me nowhere, other than in the same situation I was already in, with the added bonus of an angry head and a churning gut. Feeling entitled to things makes us bitter when they don’t materialize. When we’re too busy being resentful about what we don’t have, we forget to be GRATEFUL for what we do have. I wouldn’t want to be fodder for negative entertainment, break the law, or cheat to get ahead. Therefore, comparing socio-economic standing to those I wouldn’t want to be like is nonsensical.

Gratitude is being thankful – being appreciative. Gratitude inspires kindness toward others. When we’re content with what we have and understand that the way in which others operate has nothing to do with our quality of life, we are better off.

atractor_poisson_saturneWhen we’re grateful we are positive and we attract positive things. It’s proven science: The Law of Attraction: Like energy attracts like energy. We can go further into Physics, with Attractor Patterns, where, within chaotic energy systems small patterns of like particles form and flow together.

Thoughts are energy. If you don’t believe me, picture a beautiful big lemon. Now picture yourself slicing into that lemon. Now, take a slice of this imaginary lemon and bite down on it. By now, you’re mouth is secreting saliva at the THOUGHT of biting that lemon. That is the power of the mind. When you put out positive energy you receive in kind. When you put out bitter, angry, entitled energy, life will deliver more of the same.


The easiest way to let go of entitlement is to realize that: Gratitude leads to positivity.Entitlement leads to negativity. How do you want to go through life?

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