Russia, Canada & America: What the hell?

February 18, 2014 • Politics, Pondering Life • Views: 2182

There’s been no shortage of outrage over the IOC awarding the 2014 Olympic games to a country with such blatant disregard for human rights as Russia.

Stamps_of_Russia_2012_No_1559-61_Mascots_2014_Winter_OlympicsI concur. Russia should never have been given the games. Today’s unlawful detention of two Pussy Riot members, (released only two months ago) on another set of invented charges, continues to illustrate that Putin will do what he wants. That being said, Putin is not Russia. Russia is a beautiful country filled with good people who shouldn’t be painted with one brush just because their leader has no respect for humanity. None of us are defined by the actions of by our leaders, thank God! Also, the athletes shouldn’t suffer over the politics of business. I applaud the athletes, who showcase the best of their abilities and represent the world with pride.

Keeping human rights at the forefront: just whom should the IOC be awarding Olympic games to?

My fellow North Americans, we need to take a look a little closer to home. Should the IOC boycott Canada due to its current disregard for the needs of the very Veterans who sacrificed all for this country? Eight Veterans Affairs Offices closed so far… How is this humane?

Unknown-3Let’s take a look the 2014 Budget just handed down by the Harper Government, which offers nothing in the way of medical treatment for those suffering with PTSD and other mental illness, due to time spent on the battlefield. However it does provide the generous kick in the teeth of funeral cost coverage should these Veterans decide to kill themselves. Apparently a dead soldier is a less expensive soldier.

Putin is called a barbarian because he is slaughtering stray dogs so they won’t be seen cluttering up the streets of Sochi. This disregard for living creatures and the senseless murder is sickening!

Lets take a look at the Calgary Government’s sanctioned Cull of 200 defenseless horses whose crime is being a nuisance to a few wealthy ranchers. How is this different from Putin’s dog slaughter? Perhaps because “civilized” men in suits approved it and tried to carry it out with a little more finesse than Putin’s “In your face” style of operating?

Alberta-wild-horse-round-up-tramples-on-cowboy-cultureKeep it up Canada, and we may be a candidate for violating humanity to such a degree that we don’t deserve to host the world either.

As for our brethren to the south, well, the fact that anyone could write up a law to deliberately discriminate against one segment of the population, in the year 2014, boggles the mind! An even more startling fact: a group of “civilized” humans could come together and approve such a motion! Unbelievable, and yet, it happened in Kansas within this past week. The Kansas House of Representatives passed Bill HB 2453, which offers, “legal protection to individuals and businesses that refuse service for same-sex couples, specifically those looking to get married.”

Unknown-2Of course, when it came to Senate approval, wiser minds prevailed and refused to legalize this blatant discrimination. Or perhaps the fact that Republican Senators could pretty well forget about ever getting a vote from anyone under the age of 40, ever again, helped sway their decision.

Had this law been upheld anyone could have legally refuse to serve homosexuals: restaurants, taxis, hotels, etc. Stop me when this reminds you of a time when blacks sat at the back of the bus and had their own water fountains.

Sadly, for six years running a faction of the Idaho population has been trying to push through similar legislation, legally allowing business not to hire, or rent to, or serve people on the basis of sexual orientation. Tennessee is currently pushing Bill 2566 ‘Turn Away The Gays’, which provides the same legal right to discriminate. The state of Indiana is moving closer to a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. There is also huge, national, uproar about allowing an openly gay athlete into the NFL. These are all fine examples of human rights violations.

America may not make the Humanity cut either.

If we look at every country in the world we would be hard pressed to find one where all are treated equally, with respect and kindness. Maybe nobody deserves to host the world. I don’t know…

Here’s what I do know:

Unknown-1Bigotry is a disease. Like all diseases, it has to run its course and die off. With each passing year more bigots die. While I’m sure their families love and miss them, their loss is not societies loss.

Oppression and segregation do not work. History has proven this. When the klu klux klan were lynching innocent people and burning their homes, schools and churches, there were those who stood by; and there were those who rose up against evil. If you had told a clansman that a black man would be leader of the free world in their lifetime, they would have scoffed. They believed they were in control. They were mistaken.

jewish_starWhen Hitler was slaughtering hundreds of thousands of innocent Jews, there were many who stood aside letting it happen; but there were more who rose up against tyranny. Those of Jewish faith have rebuilt and prospered. Nazi Germany is no more.

For every oppressed group on the planet there are those that turn a blind eye, and there are those with a fire in their souls that burns for the betterment of mankind. They will always rise up. They will shout a resounding “NO!”

Anyone who believes they can control the soul of another is an idiot.

Governments in the free voting world that believe they can continue to mistreat certain sects of the population, steal from the coffers, and continue to hold office… also idiots. Eventually you will be shown the door.

“All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come.”
Victor Hugo

The time of equality for all is now. The time for kindness and protecting all living creatures is now. Those who wish to control, discriminate and oppress, your time has past. You can except this or continue to launch your futile battles.

Equality and diversityThe tide started turning with The Human Rights and The Gay rights movements. It continued in Tiananmen Square and with the Arab Spring. Every uprising throughout history is evidence that the spirit of man wont be harnessed or stomped on.

New generations continue to be more educated and less bigoted. Generations that don’t care what colour people are, what God they worship or how they love, are growing in numbers. I may never see world peace in my time, but I will also never witness humanity giving up. This breeds hope and HOPE is a powerful thing.

It doesn’t cost a thing to be kind to another, yet the rewards are staggering.
Do what you can to make a change for the better.

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