International Women’s Day ~ Art at The Guild, PEI 2014

March 8, 2014 • Health & Well Being, Politics • Views: 2982

Canada was born 150 years ago in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. At that time women had no voice in the home of Confederation.

Today, March 8 is the 102nd International Women’s Day: A day where the achievements of women, past, and present are celebrated. We have come a long way socially, economically and politically. Yet there are miles to go, around the globe, in terms of freedom and equality.

GalleryGuildAs a part of the ongoing PEI 2014 Celebrations, The Gallery at The Guild is hosting an exhibit of women artists and woman themed art. As it stands in Canada: most artists live below the poverty line and female artists earn an average of 28% less than male artists. The Guild exhibition features original pieces of art priced at $150 or less, with 100% of the proceeds going to the artists.

I am honoured to have a piece of my work among such talent! I chose to enter a sketch of Summerside’s Heather Moyse and Calgary’s Kaillie Humphries with their Sochi Gold. The theme of this year’s IWD is Women Who Inspire Change. I believe that these two women will inspire generations of girls to achieve in sport or anything they may have been afraid to try.

My pieceThe Exhibit opened last night and runs through March 15th. It is open to all. Mediums include, paint, watercolor, pencil, sculpture, photography, textile, etc. The pieces celebrate the diverse talents and visions of Island artists. I hope lots of Islanders make it out to see some art!

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One Response to International Women’s Day ~ Art at The Guild, PEI 2014

  1. Beverly Boone says:

    My name is Beverly and I was told about this by Ellen Ridgeway from FVP(family violence prevention) I was a victim of family violence my whole life and met Ellen Ridgeway through victim services in 2011 when I finally got out of abuse and needed help … I always wanted to paint but could never focus mentally and concentrate on my dreams but through the help fr Anderson House and second stage housing and the constant motivational care and kindness from Ellen Ridgeway in the past 3 yrs I started to believe in me and I learned to paint and it actually saved my life in numberous of ways.
    I since started to make Dream catchers and bow and arrows and tribal head dresses from recycled materials … They are beautiful and I’m proud to say this as I worked hard to believe in me and my talents…. I would like to know more info on this site and if you take any of local art to display and or sell… Please get bk to me with any helpful info and maybe direction to where in charlottown I may be able to display my art with possible sale.
    Thank you
    Beverly Boone

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