Love Thy Neighbour As Thyself

November 21, 2015 • Family, Friends, & Pets, Health & Well Being, Politics, Religion • Views: 1944

Following the latest terrorist attacks in Paris it has been very disheartening to read many posts on various social media sites.

When vicious acts of cowardice happen it is natural to react with disbelief followed by rage. There has been an abundant amount of rage and calls for revenge. Sadly, there has also been rampant discrimination.

It breaks my heart to see refugees in containment camps. These people have nothing in this world. Their homes and jobs are gone. Many have lost family members and pets. All they want is some dignity and a place to live that is fit for a human being. Regardless of gender, race or religion, these people are human beings. It has take a few extremest killers to inspire many to turn their backs on good people in need.

I have heard complaints that Canada is OUR country and we should decide who gets in. Well, the absolute truth of the matter is that we are a nation of immigrants. Unless you are the direct descendant of a Native Canadian Indian, YOU are the product of immigrants. At some point in time a member of your lineage sought refuge and a better way of life in this country. Without all who came before us, Canada, our home and Native land, would not look like it does. Perhaps we would have the misfortune of living in a country that has been blown to bits by political extremists masquerading as representatives of a given religion. What if it were you in some makeshift tent, surrounded by thousands of others in the same boat? Simply existing on a patch of dirt, surrounded by razor wire, praying for a better life for yourself and your children.

The images of refugee camps are reminiscent of the internment camps during the Holocaust. The similarity doesn’t end there if we listen to the arguments to keep these souls out of Canada because they are Muslim. Millions of innocent Jews were slaughtered because the world turned a blind eye. Even the Catholic Church ignored the slaughter because it wasn’t their fight. I would have hoped the majority of the world’s population would have learned from that horrendous period in history. Many, it seems, have not.

I have heard the arguments that we need to “take care of our own,” “we treat foreigners better than Canadians,” “the bleeding hearts and do-good-ers are wrecking Canada,” “if we take in refugees we will be letting in terrorists.” I hate to break the news, but terrorists are already among us. If more want into the country they will find a way. Evil is everywhere and refusing to help those in need only serves terror organizations who’s wish is to cause a divide between people. You can’t sell a twisted belief system to a human who believes in unity. It’s the disenfranchised that will join the cause that serves their demented hunt for “justice.”

Perhaps the most dumbfounding aspect of the things I’ve read is the season we are in. It is Christmas time. Some of the people posting support to keep refugees out are also posting about Christmas shopping and holiday plans. Have they forgotten what Christmas is about? It is a Christian holiday celebrating the birth of a man who Never turned his back on a soul in need. It is about a family of Middle Eastern immigrants seeking refuge in Bethlehem. A family that was denied at every door until they found shelter in a stable. In that stable the saviour of mankind was born. If you truly believe this you cannot turn your back on someone in need.

What are you celebrating, exactly, if you deny these people in need of refuge?

To people of other faiths, and atheists, who don’t subscribe to The Story or letting refugees in to Canada, but celebrate the joining together of family and friends, I give this reminder: it is a season of good will and kindness. Please recognize that hatred and anger do not promote this.

Fear is a tool used with great success, by terrorists. Fear can make the best of us act in the worst of manners. I won’t subscribe to fear. I won’t turn my back on those in need. This doesn’t make me a saint. I am as flawed as the next guy, however, I refuse to be ruled by fear.

I am not angry as I sit here, in my warm shelter, typing these words. I am saddened by the fear and anger that has temporarily blinded people who I know to be decent human beings. It is my hope that we can take a collective breath and remember Goodwill Toward Man. Remember that an “US and THEM,” mentality only serves to damage the planet we all share ownership of.

Not everyone believes what I believe. I’m good with that. As for me, I do pray. I pray for every living soul to find peace, for the misguide and damaged to see the error of their ways and change to peaceful behaviour. It’s a tall order yet people just have to decide to do better. For those who don’t pray, I ask that you toss a good thought to the universe. Thoughts are energy and the world needs more good energy.

Love Thy Neighbour as Thyself.

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3 Responses to Love Thy Neighbour As Thyself

  1. Karen says:

    Well said Pam, hopefully if people read this they will start to understand what needs to happen in the world today, we need to change our attitude if we are to move forward as a family/community and world. May the peace of the holiday season be with you and your family.

  2. Mary Louise LaBerge says:

    Thank you for the post…it is exactly how many people feel. A fear-based response to this situation is not the most appropriate way to manage it. We must be steadfast in our support of the new federal government’s commitment to supporting 25,000 refugees.

  3. Shannon Stewart says:

    You typed everything I feel. I just can’t fathom turning my back on people in need. I know I don’t help out as much as I should and I am in the process of changing that little by little, but I could never just flat out deny people. With more people against than for helping refugees on my facebook family and friend list, I feel alone but by other people such as you stating their similar beliefs, it helps me feel stronger in expressing my opinion. Thank you.

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