To Russia With Love

January 28, 2017 • Health & Well Being, Politics • Views: 1410

If your man beats you it is because he loves you, therefore, domestic violence must be legalized.

pussy_riot_08_20_2012Putin and 380 of his cronies have harkened us back to the dark ages once again. Three fearless soles voted against this barbaric law; I hope their identities are never found out. I would imagine that many of those who tossed out their support for this travesty of justice did so as a means of survival. Good ole Vlad doesn’t take kindly to opposition.

Let us not forget that Oleg Erovinkin, the ex-KGB general, who was suspected of assisting an MI6 spy in compiling the leaked (pun intended) dossier on Donald Trump, was found dead in his car on Boxing Day. Originally foul play was suspected. Now: a heart attack killed him. Sure, it was a heart attack.

There have been lots of opinions, on social media, about Russians and Russia since the “vote” for this new law: “How uncivilized a country and people they are. Russians are crazy. We’re heading back to the days of the cold war.” There is too much generalizing.

1059585Vladimir Putin is not representative of Russians anymore than Donald Trump is representative of Americans. There are many fine Russian immigrants living in North America. I had the pleasure of working with several over the years. They were just people. Some had great sense’s of humour, some were stoic, they were all hard working. I would be shocked to hear that any of the men I knew thought it okay to beat their wives.

New law or no new law: Men who beat their wives and children will continue beat their wives and children and men who don’t, will not start just because it’s no longer a crime. I’m sure most of the world is horrified to know that, once again, women will not be protected from domestic violence in Russia.

I’ve said it many times, “ There is no justice for women and children.” I wish I was wrong.
Even in “civilized” nations women have NOT been raped until they can PROVE they HAVE been raped. I suspect, that there are very few people who believe that Jian Ghomeshi or Bill Cosby are innocent, but they had more money and a better lawyers. So lets not wag our fingers at the uncivilized Russians.

alyona-popovaGetting back to Russia: to the artists, and musicians, and accountants, and teachers and animal lovers, and farmers, and mothers, and fathers, and grandparents, and loving human beings who just want to live a good life and spend it with their families, I say this: may whatever God you subscribe to, be with you. If you are an atheist: may the spirit of good will shine upon you. You have a beautiful country filled with fine souls. You are not the actions of your “leaders.” You are some of the best of us. For those of you who are publicly opposing the tyranny, daily: please, stay safe.

Many a war has been waged by fragile egos desperate to control others. There will always be those of us who won’t be controlled. Regardless of how high the body count is, there will always be resistance. Perhaps one day tyrants will understand that free will can’t be caged or killed.

Stay strong, Russia. Much love to you in these dark days.

Photo Credits:
1) Pussy Riot’s, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Photographer: Natalia Kolesnikova
2) Members of Pussy Riot, Photographer: Unknown
3) Alyona Popova, ‘If he beats you, he loves you?’ Photographer Corinne Seminoff/CBC

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