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The self titled, solo, release from Rachael Beck is nothing short of masterful. It’s one of those albums that gets better every time you listen to it.

For those who are new to Rachael’s musical journey, she is the lead vocalist, pianist, and (sometimes) percussionist for the duo: The Beck Sisters. A few of Amy and Rachael’s career highlights include: Being national finalists for the 2013 CBC Music Searchlight Contest. From there the pair went on to share the stage with Serena Ryder; The trio delivered a beautiful rendition of Ryder’s song, “Please Baby Please.” The sisters were then honoured by an invitation to perform for Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla during the 2014 Royal Visit to Canada. In 2015 they were among the performers at the legendary: Stan Rodgers Folk Festival. 2015 also saw Amy & Rachael open for Canadian rock royalty: Tom Cochrane. With Amy, temporarily, stepping away from the music scene to care for her newborn. Rachael has decided to take her solo venture on the road. Recent collaborations in Music PEI’s 2017 Canadian Songwriter Challenge and ECMA’s 2017 SOCAN Songhouse (with Brad Roberts of The Crash Test Dummies) have deepened Rachael’s resolve to create great art.

The seven track album was recorded and produced by, the much sought after, Daniel Ledwell. Five of the seven tracks were written by Rachel, with two being collaborations: “Hearts On Fire” with Jordan Alexander and “This Little Light” with Amy Beck. While the venture is small in stature it is epic in quality, emotion and musicianship. Instrumentation and backing vocals are provided by the exceptionally talented: Daniel Ledwell (electric guitar, bass, synthesizer), Amy Beck (backing vocals, drums, banijitar, percussion), Kinley Dowling (violin, viola) Natalie Williams Calhoun (cello) and Leah Jordan (backing vocals).

Meshing seamlessly with the albums score is the rich tonality of Rachael’s vocals; They are equal parts lush and soothing. While she has a sound all her own, the quality of Rachael’s voice is, at times, reminiscent of Florence Welsh, Annie Lennox and Sara Bareilles. The pop/folk songs carry Rachael’s range from bluesy intensity to soaring etherial wonder.

Thematically, the songs explore regret, redemption, heartache, hope, camaraderie and joy.

“My intention for this record was to combine the heart and honesty of folk with the hooks and sparkle of pop. While writing the album, I looked inward more than I ever had done before. “When You Left,” helped me process a winter of devastating loss. “Fire In The Sky,” is an anthem of hope, and “Nothing In Between,” is a self-portrait song.” ~ Rachael Beck

Pre-orders (CD & Vinyl) are now available at Rachael Beck Music.
iTunes pre-orders will begin Feb 2, when the track, “Reckless Heart” is available for purchase and/or streaming all over the internet. The album is slated to drop in March 2018.

Currently, you can VOTE for “Reckless Heart” in the CBC Top 20. This will aid in getting a wider audience for Rachael’s music. Voting ends Thursday, January 25.

I feel very fortunate to have gotten hold of a pre-release copy of this work. My only issue with the project: I want more songs! Please check out and follow Rachael on social media. Continue to support music. Especially the indie kids.

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